At Tractors and Cream, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and connect with nature. We want to create an experience that is accessible for everyone.

Guests with limited mobility and wheelchair users

When booking your dome please call us on 07718-390097 to determine suitability for your particular needs.

You are able to drive up and park right next to all of our domes and will experience one step up into the domes which all have a standard width door.

For children who are neuro-diverse

All of our domes have large spaces between them so you can feel relaxed and secluded. If you have a neuro-diverse child then we can offer a safe and relaxing holiday for you and them. During the term time in the mid-weeks our site is often quieter so if you feel that you would benefit from the site to yourself then please get in touch and we can let you know quieter times when you can have the whole site to yourself. We are happy to talk to you about anything that we can put in place to make your stay perfect for you and your child. 

Assistance dogs

We usually do not allow dogs on site but assistance dogs are able to stay free of charge. Please call us to arrange an assistance dog to your booking.

If you require any additional help please email